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My professional background is in the field of architecture, primarily in residential designs. But I am also a self-taught artist and I consider myself an abstract or contemporary artist. Outside architecture, I create art pieces for art exhibits. My art can be observed as an extension of my passion for architecture as evident of my extensive use of colors, shapes and architecture elements like houses and buildings. My art is not of a particular medium or specific artistic style. While I enjoy using traditional mediums like pen and ink, acrylic and pastel, I constantly expand my creativity using unconventional items like dressmaker pins and other common items I find at my architecture office like paint chip samples and pencil shavings. Sometimes I like to mix colors in one artwork and in another be as dull as possible with just plain ink sketch of repeated houses. I spend endless hours covering a foam head with more than 48,000 dressmaker pins and cover an illustration board with acrylic paint one dot at a time. I also enjoy creating pieces in which elements are repeated over and over at a very small scale to a point that the art pieces are not recognizable from a distance -- just a blur. As a result, viewers' curiosity draw them closer to my art pieces to further investigate. Also, as an architectural designer, I pay a lot of attentions to details at some of my artworks. Recently, I have been expanding my creativity using a variety of digital arts software.  

My interest in creating art pieces started when I won first place the “Non-registered” category of the Architectural Record magazine’s 2014 napkin sketch competition, the year before I was a runner-up. After winning it, I realized how I missed the days back when I was in elementary school and high school when I used to win artistic slogans and posters competitions. Since winning the Architectural Record sketch competition, I've been creating art pieces for art exhibits. I am lucky enough to have won numerous art awards at every level -- from local, to regional, to national. I also have been exhibited internationally. These awards include Best of Show at Costa Mesa ArtVenture; First Place in Photography at Center for Contemporary Arts in Abilene, TX; First Place at American Institute of Architects National Photography Competition; Juror's Award at Ink and Clay Exhibit at Kellogs Art Gallery in the campus of Cal Poly Pomona; twice Best of Show at American Institute of Architects Orange County Chapter Artwalk and I was awarded Best of Show at 2018 Orange County Fair Art Competition. Checkout the full list under "Exhibits + Awards" tab above.

I was born and raised in the Philippines. After graduating high school, I moved to the US with my family to pursue better opportunities. I earned my Associated Science degree in Architectural drafting at San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, CA and eventually my Bachelor of Architecture degree at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. In the early 2010s I went back to school to earn my Master of Urban and Regional Planning at Cal Poly Pomona. I now enjoy toggling between working on residential designs in an architectural office in Irvine, CA and creating art pieces on the side whenever possible.